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To contact us please fill our form or you can reach us at 410-643-4521 or in the shop at 410-490-0150. Thank you, Lauterbach Boats.

For those who want to actively pursue hydroplane racing, Lauterbach Custom Boats designs and builds state-of-the-art race boats. Lauterbach racing hydroplanes have been among the world's fastest since Henry Lauterbach began building them in 1947 in his shop in Portsmouth, VA. Lauterbachs have won National Championships and National High Points Championships and have been driven by the best drivers in hydroplane racing history.

Bobby Murray Jr.'s Murjr's Lauterbach Special

If you look through the record books, you will find race boat names like Miss Chrysler Crew, Miss Crazy Thing, Edelweiss, Don Ryan's Lauterbach Special, Deepwater Special, Country Boy, WaWa too, Chrysler Queen, Miss Washington DC, Miss Desoto, Southern Air, Tiger, Sunshine Baby, Advance United, Lip Ship, Rudy's Comet, Gemini, Bluewater Special, Miss Dinomytes, Special Edition, Murjr's Lauterbach Special and many more...all Lauterbachs.

The tradition of excellence in design and construction continues to this day at Lauterbach Custom Boats in today's race boats. Lauterbach race boats maintain their long history of being the world's fastest and the world's finest racing hydroplanes.

LAUTERBACH...the name is synonymous with the world's FASTEST and the world's FINEST hydroplanes for over 50 years

Sandy Thompson's Special Edition


NM-200  Murjr's Lauterbach Special

Boat was built for Bobby Murry Jr. (Murjr)  Six Time Summer National Champion, Four Time Eastern Divisional Champion, Two Time Western Divisional Champion, National High Point Champion and Three Time World Record Holder. (Modified 305 Chevy, Built by Earle Gearte, Rochester, IN.) 650 horsepower