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To contact us please fill our form or you can reach us at 410-643-4521 or in the shop at 410-490-0150. Thank you, Lauterbach Boats.

The latest and most exciting Lauterbach design is the two seater hydroplane. These beautiful pleasure boats are being built for those wishing to enjoy the thrill of a high speed pleasure boat with a passenger along for the ride.

Two seaters feature the same impeccable quality as their racing counterparts, but with conveniences that make them fun and easy to drive. Transmissions are incorporated into the two seater design, including reverse, so that even those with no experience in driving raceboats will soon be comfortable behind the wheel. These gorgeous boats have been compared with fine pieces of furniture, with the only difference being the speed at which they travel!

Choices in design elements such as colors in paint or stain and in seating materials are completely decided by the new owner. Please feel free to call us at any time to discuss how we can put a custom Lauterbach two seater hydroplane at YOUR dock!